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Yacht Charter - Making Memories at Sea

Whatever the case, it will be a Memory at Sea.   With a few close friends and family, share the special moment of a lifetime.

The cruise could be in the daytime or evening.   Enjoy the sights during the day or a really nice romantic ride at night.  Maximum number of  guest is 6.  Group rates available. 

Captain Dan's

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Special Moments Harbor Cruise in Oxnard

Ready to start "Making Memories at Sea"

        Harbor Cruises in Oxnard

​​​​​​​You want that Special moment. 

You have a special something to say to someone.

You want the right place to say it.   And the right atmosphere.  

There couldn't be a better place than the comfort of sitting on  a yacht and cruising through the harbor while listening to some music you picked out.