Yacht Charter - Making Memories at Sea

harbor Cruise

It's time to Celebrate a Milestone with family and friends.

*  Birthdays

* Anniversaries

* Any Special Occasion

Invite your guests aboard Ciao Bella to celebrate as you enjoy a cruise in the beautiful yacht "Ciao Bella".   The cruise length and destination is all yours.    


Captain Dan's

​Classic Yacht Adventures in Oxnard, Ca.

​Enjoy a  scenic Sunset Cruise in Oxnard, in "Cial Bella", as you relax and watch the beautiful sunset and  evening glow of the magical  harbor lights.   Share the experience with family and friends and create a lasting memory that you and your guests will be talking about for a long time.   The Cruise will start around 60 minutes before sundown.   It is beautiful to watch the sun  go down below the horizon.  Great time to take pictures of the Ocean and Sea life while you start                         "Making Memories at Sea".

Price includes use of 2 Kayaks, Canoe, an Inflatable raft, and a great captain (me). 

Relax and enjoy a cruise aboard Ciao Bella.  Whether it's a special occasion or just a chance to get away from it all, there's always plenty of good reasons to share quality time with family and friends!   Making Memories at Sea.

Sunset Cruise  

Harbor Cruise in Oxnard

Relax as you enjoy quality time with family and friends on a  harbor cruise in Oxnard on the beautiful yacht "Ciao Bella".   Take in the view and enjoy all the sights as we leave from Sea Bridge Marina and make our way to the mouth of the harbor and possibly to the islands in the distance.  On your way you could see seals, pelicans, dolphins, and much more.  As we like to say, you will be                    " Making  Memories at Sea."        

​​​​​​​​​​Classic Yacht Adventures