​​​​​​​​​​Classic Yacht Adventures 

Yacht Charter - Making Memories at Sea

The prices are for up to 6 people

180.00 per hours for charter.

​280.00 for life celebration (scattering ashes at Sea).   Call for Daily and Overnight Rates to visit one or more of the Channel Islands

Captain Dan's

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.   ​​​​Personal Items you should bring:

  • ​  Warm  Jacket or Sweatshirt.   It can get cold.
  • ​   Boots or Tennis Shoes.   It can get wet.
    ​   Hat
  •    Sun Screen
  •    Camera and Binoculars
  • ​   Drinks and Snacks

2.   Will weather conditions effect the cruise?

​      Adverse weather conditions  will cause the rescheduling of the cruise.   The Captain will make the decision and

        will advise you.   If we have to reschedule the date, all monies will be applied to the rescheduled cruise date.

​3.   How big is the boat?

       The boat is 40 feet.   There is plenty of room in the Cabin, the Galley, on Deck, and on the Fly Bridge.   The

        Galley has a refrigerator and freezer for keeping  drinks and food cold.   

4.   Does the boat have a bathroom?

​     There is a bathroom on the boat.

5.   Two Kayaks, a canoe, and inflatable raft are available to use in the harbor at no   

        additional  cost.    

​6.   We are flexible about where you would like to cruise and work with you to

       Make Memories at Sea .

Dan Stoneking

(818) 921  - 5255




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